Florist Survey

We're in the exciting planning process of expanding our flower growing operations for 2016 and cannot wait to offer our flowers for wholesale beginning this spring. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to learn about what we have available each week, place your orders, and receive our flowers to use in your design work.

We've put together a very short survey that will help us out greatly as we move forward in planning how best to get amazing, locally-grown flowers into your studios and throughout Philadelphia.

The survey is anonymous and will be available until January 15, 2016. Please feel free to pass the link on to other floral designers and shops in the area who might also be able to provide insight into how we can make the process of flower buying simple and easy. At the end of the survey, you're welcome to sign up to receive emails from us to be alerted once we're able to accept wholesale orders. (Don't worry, we won't spam you!)

Thank you again for supporting us in our first year. Here's to 2016 being flower-filled!

Send emails with any questions or additional comments to Erica at

Is your shop or studio located in Philadelphia? *
For what types of events or clients do you primarily design? *
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Does your studio have a walk-in or cooler? *
How interested are you in purchasing local flowers? *
Do your clients request that you use local flowers in your designs? *
What is most important to you when buying flowers for your design work? *
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Where do you usually source flowers? *
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What do you want to buy for your floral designs but are unable to get from your regular suppliers?
How important is it for you to be able to visit the farm or space where your flowers are grown? *
How do you prefer to find out about wholesale flower availability? *
What day(s) do you usually place your order(s) for wholesale flowers? *
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When placing your orders for wholesale flowers, which of the following methods do you prefer? *
What details do you want to see when ordering wholesale flowers? *
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Are you more likely to purchase locally-grown flowers if the order process is very convenient for you? *
(i.e. online ordering and checkout, as well as the ability to choose delivery time and date.)
What day(s) do you prefer delivery of wholesale flower orders? *
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What time(s) do you prefer delivery of wholesale flower orders? *
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Do you expect free delivery for orders over $100? *
Are you willing to pay a delivery surcharge for orders under $100? *